DO SEO is easier than you would have imagined

Created by digital specialists, translated to small business needs.

DO SEO yourself and drive qualified traffic to your website

DO SEO is your guided SEO mentor, giving you all the support you need to execute your SEO optimisation. We have streamlined our work process to cut down billable hours.

Our innovative, collaborative system works by dividing the work between you and us: We do the analysis, research & planning and you handle the implementation.

It’s a cost-effective solution that puts quality SEO management services and expertise at your fingertips at a fraction of the normal cost.

Our DO SEO process is simple

Step 1

We gather as much information as possible by researching your business, your industry, and your competitors

Step 2

We define your business’ online goals: What purpose should your website serve and what do you want to achieve?

Step 3

We analyse your site – an in-depth website analysis will tell us where your problem areas lie and what technical issues need to be fixed.

Step 4

Considering all the information gathered, we sit down and craft a winning plan of action – your tailored SEO strategy that will function as your roadmap to SEO success.

Step 5

Our findings and recommendations are presented to you in a report, which includes the next steps to be taken and instructions on how to proceed.

Step 6

Now, it’s over to you. Guided by your tailored SEO plan of action and supported by one of our SEO experts, you start implementing changes on your website to optimize it for improved search engine rankings.

Step 7

We send monthly updates that keep track of your SEO progress and guide you on the next steps.

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